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Who’s excited for the 3-day weekend?!?! I am I am! I’ll be staycationing this year, but you can count on me escaping via novels. One of my favorite things about summer is all the great books to read and the sun to soak them up in! I’ve compiled some of my recent favs for you, and some books that are on my personal “to read” list. So kick back, relax and get yourself a good book for the long weekend babe!


#GIRLBOSS – Sophia Amorusa
This is a babe must read! Seriously though, this book gave me the courage to leave my corporate job and start not one, but two businesses! Yes, I may have some crazy mixed in there, but #GIRLBOSS will inspire you to run your own life, whether you work for someone or own your own business. It also encourages you to not worry about all the successes or messes that could happen (you can deal with those things when you get there) but to take things a day at a time.


Daring Greatly – Brene Brown
Ok I’m halfway through this book and I can already tell it’s going to be life changing like everyone has said! So far Brene Brown has talked about how in order to dare greatly we must be vulnerable and not let shame paralyze us. This applies to everything in our lives; careers, relationships, dreams, etc… The message that’s resonating with me at this point is that we cannot sustain by creating and doing things for others’ approval, we have to know we are enough.


After You – Jojo Moyes
This is the sequel to Me Before You, so if you haven’t read that yet, pick it up first! Caution these books are page turners and will probably make you an emotional wreck. However, this heartfelt love story is one for the century!




The Vacationers – Emma Straub
Ah this book is a great vacation read about a vacation! I love the story of this hot mess, New York family who manages a big family vacation that unveils all sorts of secrets and truths about each other. It will have you giggling on your beach towel.




My “To Read” List:

Modern Lovers – Emma Straub
After reading The Vacationers, I can’t wait to see what humor Emma Straub comes up with next! Modern Lovers follows a group of friends from adolescence into middle age and the drama they face as their children become adolescence just like them. It’s sure to be another hot mess!




First Comes Love – Emily Griffin
If you’ve ever read any Emily Griffin book (The One & Only, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and on and on) then you know to just pick up her most recent book and enjoy! I can’t wait to get lost in this story about two sisters who find out they need each other more than they knew.




The Singles Game – Lauren Weisberger
Someone pinch me! I’m so excited to see another Lauren Wesiberger book! You know her best from The Devil Wears Prada. I have also read Everyone Worth Knowing and Chasing Harry Winston. All of which were fun and easy reads!The Singles Game is a story about a female tennis player who makes news on and off the court and has to decide how far she’s willing to go to win it all.



Truly Madly Guilty – Liane Moriarty
Last summer I dove into Liane Moriarty’s books The Husband’s Secret and Big Little Lies. If you haven’t read these yet, throw them in your suitcase or beach bag! They are fun, sophisticated and humorous reads, so naturally I’m ready to pick up her new book Truly Madly Guilty! It looks to be just as funny and witty as her other books!




The Regulars – Georgia Clark
A story about friends, in their mid-twenties, in New York?!? Say no more, I’m sold! Add in the fact that this story is based around how far they will go for beauty, and I can’t believe I don’t already have this thing in hand! This is Georgia Clark’s debut adult fiction and I’m excited to check it out!



There you have it babes! Consume your free time with one of these great finds. If you’re nose deep in a good read, please do share in the comments section!

4 thoughts on “Read It

  1. Lynly

    I ? You! Glad you’re enjoying Daring Greatly! I’m gonna have to reserve a few of these audiobooks!


    1. blogginbabe

      And I you, babe! Yes, once I finish DG we’ll need to chat! You definitely need to do #Girlboss!


  2. Becky B

    Have you read “the luckiest girl alive” yet? If not, you need to. Also a NYC based book. Fascinating look into “girl world” with a great story.


    1. blogginbabe

      I haven’t read either of them, I’m on it! Thanks, babe!


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