My Current Swimsuit Obsessions

It’s swimsuit season and I couldn’t be happier! For real though I love swimsuits. I wish I lived somewhere that I could live in them every day, but for now, I’ll settle for the weekends. There are so many looks to love this season! Cheeky, one piece, high waist, tanks, did I say cheeky?!?!


My most recent purchase, a Boys + Arrows mix and match. I love the cheeky bottoms and their sassy design. One great thing about these bottoms is that you can adjust the coverage by wearing them lower or higher on your waist. This cut is the Petra the Punk Minimal Pant and the coverage starts out pretty minimal. I wear these after hitting it hard at the gym all week. As for the top, I love the minimal tan lines and the bronze color, but the cut isn’t the most flattering on me. Smooshes the girls a little bit. Overall I cannot wait to buy more Boys + Arrows pieces. I love all of their stuff, it literally took me a good two weeks to decided on this look!


My go to pieces are from Luli Fama. Fringe anyone?!?! These bottom are a real show stopper. The cut is called minimal, and it is the perfect amount of cheek! The yellow fringe top has no padding which makes it a great sporty top. The red top is also a great sporty look, it does have a little padding and the back is gorgeous with the fringe tassels and interesting straps. I mix and match all these pieces with my Boys + Arrows pieces. Building on staple pieces is a great way to keep growing your swimsuit collection.

What else is in my swimsuit drawer you ask… (and yes I have a swimsuit drawer) I have a few suits from Vix and Vitamin A. I love these brands and these suits have lasted years!! Crazy I know but it’s nice to have options.

So what’s next on my swimsuit wish list… definitely some more Boys + Arrows you can count on that. I’ve got an eye on a Private Party one piece for my Italy trip later this summer. Amuse Society has really caught my attention lately, and the price point is great for a nice suit! I also love Bettinis and Cali Dreaming. That should keep you busy for a while. Happy swimsuit shopping!

Do you have a swimsuit line that you swear by or have been drooling over? If so, please share below!

6 thoughts on “My Current Swimsuit Obsessions

  1. Becky B

    My credit card hurts already. Such cute suits!


    1. blogginbabe

      I hear ya! I did find some Luli Fama on sale at LA Sun and Sport, $15 for a bottom! #winning


  2. Michelle Chee

    Love this! I was just window shopping online for more swimmers yesterday. I “needed” a serious one for some “serious” swimming. No doubt inspired by Aussie Olympians! I’ve long been denying the need for a swimsuit drawer but now I know that’s normal, I’m going to let myself have that!


    1. blogginbabe

      I completely approve of a swimsuit drawer! Get it girl! Best of luck on the swimwear shopping. Hope my post made it a little easier and gave you some direction.


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