Fall Nails

Even though I’m holding on to the last bit of summer as hard as I can, I’m super excited about fall nails! Nails are my jam! There is nothing like a good mani-pedi to brighten any babe’s day. So here are my thoughts on this season’s nails – I think we will continue to see a lot of nail art and shape with some moody colors. Here’s what you should aim for to have a successful fall nail style:

You have lots of options here! My recommendation would be to go with just about anything but square, square is out my dears! Round nails are in, as well as almond, oval and squared oval (squoval). I tend to opt for squoval or round, but if they’re healthy and longer I go with oval.


Oh boy, I am LOVING all the Pantone colors for fall (below)! I feel like we are seeing new colors this year that are slight twists on the classic fall staples! While I love all the fall colors, there are only a few I think will be major players this season. First, I am head over heels for the Dusty Cedar. If you have only one choice in color this fall, this is it! My other top picks are Warm Taupe, Aurora Red and Sharkskin. You can vary a shade lighter or darker on all of these and still stay on trend.


You can also never go wrong with black! My absolute favorite black polish is made by the babes at Base Coat Nail Salon (you can read more about them in my Denver Spots – LoHi). It is a black above all blacks, trust me! Fall nails are also another area you can break the “No White After Labor Day” rule (you can also break this rule for more Top Fall Trends ). In my opinion, white polish can be worn year round.

Metallics will also be a huge hit this fall, however, you will want to use them as accent colors instead of the base color. Think half moons or lines. You could probably pull off using a metallic on your toes if you wanted to.

Essie In Stitches

OPI Over the Taupe

Deborah Lippmann Respect

OPI Embrace the Gray

Base Coat My Soul
Essie Blanc

Essie No Place Like Chrome

Base Coat The Simon CollectiveDesign:

I think this is my most favorite nail trend EVER! I love good nail art. Don’t think this trend is only for 20-year-olds, even if you feel your inner 22-year-old coming out when you show the tech your Pinterest board! There are plenty subtle designs out there. Here’s what I’m loving for fall: half moons, naked nail designs, lines, triangles, dots, negative space and ombre. Check out my Pinterest board for more inspiration!

adobephotoshopexpress_2016_09_20_19_06_32 adobephotoshopexpress_2016_09_20_19_08_30

adobephotoshopexpress_2016_09_20_20_33_52 img_5336

Have fun with those nails babes, YOLO!

Also, see my Top Fall Trends for more of this season’s must-haves.

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