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It’s Friday! Time to get your play on babes, and when your inevitable adulting rolls around, have no fear! I’ve got the perfect products for you to clean that home! I’ve slowly started using more and more green products in our house and I have found a few Method products that I just love! I have tried other green products but the price point, packaging and results of Method won me over!

All Method products are made with naturally derived ingredients. Their packaging is modern and can brighten up any cleaning day! Not only is the packaging cute, but it is recyclable and made with 100% recycled plastic whenever possible. If you’re looking to take the green step, or already have, check out these awesome products! Plus if you shop at Target and have Target REDcard you’ll get 5% off every purchase AND there’s a cartwheel for an extra 5% off Method products right now!

Dish Soap – Lemon Mint
Nothing fancy here, but there are no toxic chemicals being used on my handwash dishes which then touch my food, which then go in my mouth, then into my body… you get the point, chemicals=bad! I love the pump top, it makes cleaning dishes easier and less messy. I also feel like it makes the soap last WAY longer because it’s portion controlled by the pump. I’ve also used the basil sent and would like to try grapefruit next!


Smarty Dish Plus Dishwasher Detergent Packs – Lemon Mint
I was skeptic of this one. I thought for sure it wouldn’t get my dishes clean and I just wouldn’t be going green in this area, but it works great! No streaky glasses or food crumbs left on anything! I do rinse off our dishes before I put them in the dishwasher, but nothing crazy, just running water over them. I love the little pods too. They can be slightly too big for the soap compartment but I just squish them in there and we’re good to go.


All Purpose Natural Surface Cleaner – Clementine
I love a good citrus smell! I use this cleaner on all my kitchen and bathroom surfaces and it gets the job done! No streaks or waxy film is left behind. It even cuts through the grease on our stovetop like a champ. Honestly, this plant based product works just as good as those with chemicals so why wouldn’t you use it?!? They also make and antibacterial version which is on my list for cold season.


Air Refresher – French Lavender
This is housed in our bathroom, need I say more… Anywho, I needed something to freshen up the room but didn’t want to spray toxins in my tiny space or have a candle constantly lite. I love the smell of this refresher. The lavender is calming and the scent is powerful without being overpowering. My only criticism is that the mist does leave my floor a little damp, but it’s worth it!


Antibacterial Toilet Cleaner – Spearmint
Ok, yes, so I bought this just to be green. I feel like a toilet bowl cleaner is a toilet bowl cleaner. As I’ve incorporated more and more green products into our home I just don’t see the point of having toxic products. I’m not all the way green yet, but this was definitely a transition purchase.




So there you have it babes, don’t frown when that cleaning comes around! Try out these Method products for a nice green clean. Happy weekending!

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  1. Tonya Bender

    This very well known and effective cleaning product which is 1st choice for our home remedies. Thank you very much for sharing this awesome post.


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