Fab Friday Finds – Beauty Sleep

I’ve been raving about my magic sleep products so much I figured it was time to share with all the babes out there!

I’m a sucker for sleep! I love sleep and in fact I use to do a little too much of it. I’ve never been a napper, but I’m a little bit of a night owl and therefore not much of a morning person. I use to require a minimum of 9 hours of sleep to even feel somewhat normal when I woke up in the morning. I’m just a very light sleep and wasn’t getting the necessary deep sleep to feel rested. Then I found the golden sleep tickets! I use one of these amazing products on a daily basis.

De-Fine Nutrition Sleep

I literally refer to these as my sleeping pills and my husband says I have a problem. I use them every night! These little bad boys are packed with magnesium and melatonin and put me to sleep in 30 minutes flat! No groggy Nyquil hang over or headache here. Just some awesome, good sleep. To top it off they’ve made me a morning person! Alright, I’m still not an early riser, but I wake up much early than I used to and feel phenomenal. When I first started taking this supplement I took two capsules a night, now I just need one. I highly recommend this product! It seriously has been life changing!

Natural Calm by Natural Vitality

This is another sleep aid that I love. Calm is a powder supplement that can be added to warm or cold water. Like De-Fine it is loaded with magnesium which helps bring on sleep. I like a lot of their flavors, but cherry is my favorite. I especially like this in the winter with hot water like tea. I use three to four teaspoons per serving and add just a little water. You can add as much water as you’d like for a less potent taste.



Get that beauty sleep babes!

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