Fab Friday Finds – OKC Brunch

Happy Friday babes! Time to kick off this 3-day weekend and what better way to do that than making brunch plans?!?! For those of you in OKC this weekend, here are my top picks for brunch! You’ll notice they all have great patios which is a summer brunch must for me.

Kitchen 324
Great food, atmosphere, service and to top it off they have a killer chai tea latte AND peach ice tea! The hubs approvesĀ of the cold brew coffee too and enjoys their cappuccinos. They also have great cocktails. My favorite dishes here are the Open Faced Toast and the Kitchen Green Eggs & Ham. Don’t forget breakfast dessert with one of their amazing pastries! We usually opt for the Blueberry Orange Scone.
*Make sure you get a reservation here or the wait can be long. If you’re okay with waiting you can always start on pastries and caffeine, their coffee bar is separate.

Elemental Coffee
Bet you didn’t know they do brunch! Yep, and it’s tasty! I love Elementals chai latte, they make their own mix. Hubs loves the cold brew here, like LOVES. My top picks for eats are the Beast sandwich with bacon of course, the Cheesy Toast and the Avacado Toast. Get yourself some breakfast dessert (or appetizer) here too, they serve Holey Rollers’ donuts! My favorite flavors are Apple Cider, Lemon Poppyseed, Carrot Cake and their limited time special right now, Key Lime.
*No reservations needed! I should also mention there’s no booze here.

Picasso Cafe
Set in the Paseo District, Picasso’s has my favorite patio! Enjoy a sun filled brunch here. They do have a chai latte that is pretty good, but their ice tea is fab! I also love their basil mojito, delish! They only have a brunch menu on Sunday, but you can still get some breakfasty things on Saturday. We love the breakfast pizza on their Sunday menu and their benedicts are pretty darn good too!
*Get a reservation here if you want to sit on the patio, it fills up fast and people take their time out there!

Pizzeria Gusto
Bet you didn’t know they had a patio, did you!?! It’s so stinkin’ cute too. Gusto is the quintessential patio under string lights and umbrellas. I don’t know that we’ve done caffeine here, but they have some tasty cocktails. I love their scrambles and they always have a breakfast pizza special. We usually hang out here after the Uptown 23rd Farmers Market.
*Reservation recommended, but if you get there early you shouldn’t have a problem.

Did I miss anything? Let me know if you have a favorite OKC brunch spot I need to try!

2 thoughts on “Fab Friday Finds – OKC Brunch

  1. Becky B

    I had brunch at Picasso for the first time last Sunday. It was so good! Hands down better then their typical menu.


    1. blogginbabe

      Yes, I agree! So good! And I love how chill they are.


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