Fab Friday Finds – Candles

Ahhh the sweet smell of a candle-filled room…

I don’t know what it is about the Oklahoma humidity, but it sure makes a room musty fast! I have found a few badass candles that can handle it without overpowering anyone’s nose. Think fresh scent, like you just cleaned the whole house (but you didn’t because who has time for that?!?!). Here are my favorite candle finds:

Kalama Candle Co.

il_570xN.914106666_2pt6I just found this babe last month at The Exchange on Film Row in Oklahoma City and I’m OBSESSED with her candles! I tried out 3 different scents and fell in love with Black Sea. Buy this bad boy now and thank me later! I also tried grapefruit and eucalyptus spearmint. I love a nice mint smell, but it was too subtle to make an impact in the living room, it would probably be good for a bedroom. The grapefruit is a great citrus scent, perfect for a kitchen in my opinion! These candles are soy wax, hand poured in this babe’s kitchen, and the 12-ounce size has about a 50 hour burn time. You can buy here at her Etsy shop or in OKC you may find her at the Uptown 23rd Farmers Market.

Capri Blue Volcano

481cb_web_sigjar_volcano (503)You cannot go wrong with this candle! This has been my go-to candle for a couple years now. It’s also the perfect gift for friends or family. The CB Volcano candle can be purchased on the CB site, at Anthropologie, and at many other stores. I’ve bought most of mine from Amazon though. This candle has a clean scent with a hint of citrus. It is also hand poured, made with soy wax and the 19-ounce size has about an 85 hour burn time.



What are some of your favorite candles that I need to try?!?!

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