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For all you babes looking for a Denver get away here are a few spots in Denver’s RiNo (River North) district that I am loving! I will also be sharing a few of my other favorite spots and activities in Denver over the next couple weeks. For now, enjoy your Denver RiNo planning!

The Source

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All sorts of magic lives inside the source! First, Babettes… O MY! The bread this couple makes is out of this world! Their croissants and baguettes rival those in France, seriously! My ideal morning at The Source consists of a Babettes ham and cheese croissant and an almond milk chai latte from Boxcar Roasters. Boxcar serves Sanctuary Chai which is made in Boulder, CO. I tell you this because it is the best chai EVER. Period. It is sweetened with honey, so technically it’s not a paleo cheat when made with almond milk! Boxcar also serves awesome coffee, cold brew and espresso (approved by my cold brew loving husband). FullSizeRender 23


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Also worth mentioning in The Source is Svper Ordinary, a gallery and retail space. Everything in this place is made by local merchants think jewelry, artwork, stationary and even socks! The store is run by an awesome power couple in the Denver community, Josh and Tran Wills. One of the things I love in their store is the great selection of greeting cards, so quirky and fun! More to come on this duo later, but definitely, check out their store.

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Next, pop into Beet & Yarrow for a little flower and plant fun. This is a great spot to pick up a fresh bouquet for the weekend or a new little air plant friend. They have a great selection of vases as well and small gifts. Beet & Yarrow is housed with Western Daughters Butcher Shoppe. Their meat is heavenly! You can also find some amazing bone broth there.

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Lastly, grab some lunch at Acorn if you’re around long enough. I’ve tried both lunch and dinner here and preferred their lunch menu. Their dinner menu would be good for a happy hour. There is a Mexican food restaurant, bar, liquor store, sandwich shop, bank and more inside The Source, you really can’t go wrong!
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Hutch and Spoon Cafe

This cute little restaurant put out such good vibes! There’s nothing fancy here, but Hutch and Spoon takes you to another place where time seems to slow down a little. Go here for some yummy simple food, think Nutella with bananas on toast, bagel sandwiches, chips, etc… One of their major wins with me is that they have great iced tea. If you like a good flavored tea, not sweetened, definitely check this place out. They also serve good iced coffee per the hubs!




First Draft

The future of bars! First Draft lets you pour your own tap and pay per ounce! You check in with your ID and receive your tap card, then you touch your card on the tap you want to try and pour as much or as little as you like. They even have mixed drinks and kombucha on tap! But beyond the interactive tap experience, their food is delicious. This is the perfect spot for lunch, an afternoon snack or HH.



Crema is another little coffee spot gem in RiNo! While their food menu is small it packs a punch. I had one of the best quiches ever here! I switched it up and had an iced green tea over the usual chai and it was pretty good. It was not my most memorable tea, but I would definitely order it again. The hubs also approved of the cold brew coffee here! I’m beginning to think Denver is the cold brew king!





If I’m not grabbing a chai at Boxcar you will most definitely find me at the Stowaway! Where to start… This place gives me all the feels with a simple boho vibe. You can order something to go at the counter or take a seat for service. Their food is delicious and so vibrant looking! My perfect light morning meal here is a chai latte with cashew milk (yes cashew milk, they make it there and it’s heavenly!) and their Spiced Fruit Toast which is house apricot and prune toast served with whipped salted butter, YUM! They also use Sanctuary Chai, so if you’re trying to behave on the sugar or not it’s a win! **Caution-no wifi :(**



Kit and Ace

While in RiNo you must pop into Kit and Ace (it’s just around the corner from First Draft). “Why”, you ask? Think Lululemon everyday wear, but a whole store of it! And if it looks like Lulu don’t get too confused… Kit and Ace was started by the wife and son of the founder of Lululemon. Their clothing is not only stylish but it’s also made of “Qemir,” a “technical cashmere” fabric that can be tossed into a washer and dryer without risk of shrinkage or pilling. I don’t know about you but nice clothes that don’t require dry cleaning are right up my alley!

kit and ace

SHEA Clothing Boutique

Right next door to Kit and Ace is SHEA Clothing Boutique. This little boho chic boutique features one of my new favorite brands Amuse Society. The staff is super friendly and the selection is great! It’s a little pricey, but you definitely need a little hippie chic purchase while you’re in CO. Go ahead, I totally approve!


The Populist

This is the one place I wasn’t able to try on our trip, but I’m going to recommend it anyway! Everything I’ve read about it is totally to my liking. Small plates, check, communal seating, check, local and seasonal food, check! If you plan to go to RiNo please go here for me, cause I’m sure you’ll love it!


There you have it! Let me know if there are any other places I must try in RiNo on my next trip. Also, stay tuned for more of my favorite Denver things!

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